Name List of AU English Proficiency Test for Graduate Program (MBA, MMOD, M.ED and elearning)

AU English Proficiency Test for Graduate Program (MBA, MMOD, M.Ed and elearning) on Saturday, 29 April 2017 will be at room “P23, P33, P34, P35 and P36” (Huamak Campus). Test will start from
15.00 hrs. to 18.00 hrs. (elearning will start from 13.00 hrs. to 16.00 hrs.)

Please check your name and exam room in Download.

***Remark: The dress code will be as “Business Attire”
                   Please show your AU student ID Card.
                   Please bring black lead pencil No. 2B or HB.

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MBA-TRM Pre-Registration 3/2016

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MBA-TRM Pre-registration 3/2016 (May-August, 2017)

Pre-registration Period: April 7-12, 2017.

Adding / Change/ Delete Course: April 7-12, 2017.

Payment Period: April 24-30, 2017.

Instruction Begin 3/2016 : Mon, 8 May 2017.  (For Weekday Program)

                                                     : Sat, 13 May 2017.  (For Weekend Program)

MBA E-Payment Period 3/2016 (May-August 2017)

This is to confirm that E-payment period for 3/2016 (May-August 2017) with student ID.592-xxxx and below will be during April 24-30, 2017 by AU-Spark system.

We will not allowed students to add, delete and change any courses within this period.

Any students would like to add, delete and change, please kindly submit the manual petition during April 7-12, 2017 only.