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Message from the Editorial Team

In less than six months, the second of Thailand’s gripping episode of “Man versus Nature” has played out, this time involving twelve teenage football players and their 25-year old coach being held up in a dangerous cave in Chiengrai for well into two weeks now. In effect, the cave which was their recourse in the face of approaching hill side deluges became their trap, and thereby the entire world has been gripped by the Thai football story, other than the dramatic world cup in Russia. Two adept British cave divers, the death of a dedicated Thai navy diver, the hillside accident involving ten rescue team members, and the world’s media, experts, critics and detractors of things humane have all engaged our attention. What stands out though, even as a multinational rescue team has begun operations on July 8, 2018 is the care, the empathy and emotions, bravery, sacrifice and the ingenious use of technology to actually save human lives, even as we at the Graduate School of Business prepare the release of this issue of Connect 17. Themed as “Caring Responsibility” we hope that readers will be reminded that the world and all its allurements and dangers in relation to nature will cherish caring, particularly for the responsibilities we face as enlightened individuals. All told, we accolade the rescue efforts of the beleaguered football team and their coach, with a sobering truism from the Saint Theresa of Kolkota” The hands that help are holier than the lips that pray.”

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GSB Newsletter Connect Issue 17 June 2018