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Bai Sri

 “Bai Sri" ceremony is the Thai unique traditions and customs performed on welcoming new students to ABAC Graduate School of Business Family. Bai Sri tree is often made of banana leaves, shaped to remind the mythic mount Meru which is the center of the universe.

On the Induction Day, Bai Sri is a warm welcoming ritual of new academic year students. Thai people believe the service of Bai Sri is an activity to encourage their mental strength. The strong mind would support them to succeed their tasks.

During the ceremony, the senior ABAC Graduate School of Business lecturers suitably lead the customary involved a try loaded with food, water, flowers and a bunch of white strings. These white strings were tied around the visitors' wrists to make themselves comfortable like staying in their home, enjoy studying and living their quality life in Thailand.

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Thai Language  Class Activity

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