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Qualification for Admission

- Master’s degree with a thesis in a field related to English language teaching

- Required GPA of at least 3.5

- Required TOEFL score of 575, TOELF iBT 90 or above, or IELTS score of 6.5 or above or equivalent

- Work experience of at least 2 years in a field  related to the use of English


1. A completed application form (including MA Thesis)

2. C.V. - Copies of any publications

 - Conference/workshop/seminar presentations

3. Official transcript of the previous university attended (2 copies)

4. Master’s degree certificate (2 copies)

5. Citizen Identification card (2 copies)

6. Residence Registration or Passport (2 copies)

7. Six (1x1 inch size) photographs (formal attire, not in graduation gown)

8. Reference letters from former instructors or employers (2 letters)

9. Competent to carry out future research in a variety of fields after graduation to meet current and future needs of his/her employers and society.


- The candidate will be required to write an essay at Assumption University.



1. Competent in exercising a full range of research skills

2. Knowledgeable about contemporary developments in English Language Teaching in relation to the wider academic, business and socio-cultural communities in Asia

3. Committed to continued professional development in the context of the growth of English in society

4. Able to integrate his/her research and other contributions into the cultures of his/her institutions and societies.


- Classroom Teaching

- Second Language Acquisition

- Learning Motivation

- Learner Autonomy

- English as a Lingua Franca

- English for Specific Purposes

- Course Design and Development

- Teaching Education



The draft proposal

- Approximately 3,000 words

- Typed

- Double space A4 12 point

- What area of research is

- Why this research may be significant in ELT or applied linguistics including a brief discussion of studies relevant to the proposed area.

- How the candidate proposes to conduct the research.

- The candidate may be required to amend the draft proposal prior to acceptance of the candidature.


1. Have passed the qualifying examination to proceed to the dissertation phase of the program

2. Have proposed the dissertation and passed the final oral dissertation defense evaluated by a committee appointed by University. The final oral defense is open to the public.

3. Have at least 2 publications related to the dissertation content published or have obtained an acceptance of its publications in a national or international journal in accordance with OHEC’s Regulations on Criteria for Selection of Academic Journals for Publication of Academic work (B.E. 2556)

4. Have made revisions to the dissertation based on examiners’ feedback

5. Have completed Progress Seminar

6. Have obtained library and financial clearance from the University

7. Have demonstrated good behavior and discipline


  The guiding principle for a good research proposal is that you must have a

serious question in mind that is worthy of careful, thorough research. That is,

you must be able to state a proposition (or a series of related propositions)

which is worthy of detailed research and analysis.

The proposal should be written in English and include:

• A clear statement of the aims of the research and why it is a worthy

and/or interesting topic.

• An outline of the research background of the topic, giving an overview of

some current findings in the area, with references. From this background

material it should be clear to a reader what the research problem is, and

what theory, questions (hypotheses), or phenomena you wish to


• The methods you intend to apply to the research questions. For example,

how you will collect your data, who might be the appropriate respondents, whether you will use an established data base, case studies,

experimental methods, questionnaires, etc. It should be clear to a reader

the methodology to be used, its source, and its appropriateness for the

purpose of investigation.

• A list of works cited in your proposal and references (APA Style). It is

likely that, in the process of conducting your research, details of the

outline will be adjusted. That is, the statement of your research topic may

be refined.

ADMISSIONS (Non refundable)
AU English Proficiency Test
Admission Interview

Hua Mak Campus, Ramkhamhaeng 24 Road


First Year

First Semester

Course Code                   Course Title                                                     Credits                                                                         

EG 7301                   Dissertation Stage I                                                         9

                                 (Background Reading and Discussion)

                                  Total                                                                                  9

Second Semester

EG 7302                   Dissertation Stage II (Literature Review                       9

                                  and Methodology)

                                  Total                                                                                  9


Second Year

First Semester

EG 7303                   Dissertation Stage III  (Formal Propos al Defense)    9

                                  Total                                                                                  9

Second Semester

EG 7304                   Dissertation Stage IV (Data Collection)                        9

                                 Total                                                                                   9


Third Year

First Semester

EG 7305                 Dissertation Stage V (Analysis of Data)                          9

                                Total                                                                                    9

Second Semester

EG 7306                 Dissertation Stage VI (Conclusion and Final Defence) 9

                                Total                                                                                    9


• Although we expect candidates to complete the program within 6 semesters any additional semesters will be charged the same fee as the previous semesters.


Total fee for the 3-year program:                                           

900,000 THB         (30,000 US$)     (180,000 RMB)



1. The fee will be paid in 6 installments before the semester starts.
2. The fees are subject to change at the university’s discretion without prior notice
3. Currency exchange rate: THB 30 = US$ 1, 5 THB = 1 RMB

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