Special opportunity for AU Undergraduate students to graduate even faster with less time

Requirements and Conditions of Pre-MBA

  • 1. AU 4th year undergraduate student with maximum four remainingundergraduate courses.

  • 2. Cumulative GPA of 2.00 and above.

  • 3. Take the English Entrance Exam and English Interview. If student received a B+ or higher in ENG 1-4, the English Entrance Exam will be waived and only have to sit for interview.

  • 4. Students must graduate from undergraduate degree coursework to continue directly into the second tri-mester of the MBA program.

  • 5. Student must receive a B or higher in Pre-MBA courses to gain credit. If a student receives below a B, s/he must repeat the subject during the MBA program.

Key Learning Outcomes

Intellectual Skills

  • Integrate, analyze, and evaluate new data/situation.

  • Apply Conceptual framework to analyze organization.

  • Analyze a particular industry in the digital economy.


  • Model of digital ecosystem in the business.

  • How managers understand the new market under the real world.

  • Integrated management and business practice to develop the new opportunity.

Transformable skills

  • Clearly identify criteria for transformation.

  • Network effectively and how define the right opportunities.

  • Manage and value cultural differences.

Practical skills

  • Give Professional presentation.

  • Produce creative and realistic solutions for the complex problems.

  • Develop and present a proposal to a real business idea.

Pre-MBA Courses

4th year undergraduate students are eligible to take a maximum four (4) Pre-MBA courses for a maximum of one (1) semester, which include the following:

1. Introduction to Management Information System

2. Introduction to Quantitative Analysis

3. Organizational Behavior

4. Managerial Accounting

Study MBA courses during the last semester of your undergraduate program at AU Suvarnabhumi Campus Sat-Sun from 9.00 – 12.00 hrs. & 13.00 – 16.00 hrs to receive credit towards MBA Fast Track, MBA Professional and MBA Double Degree Programs


Total Fees 89,900 Baht


The MBA Bridge-Course is specifically designed to support AU undergraduate students’ transition into the MBA program

Conditions for applying to MBA Bridge-Course

• Must be AU undergraduate with CGPA 2.00 or above

• Transfered a maximum of four (4) undergraduate courses with minimum grade of B+ towards the selected MBA program

• Transfer course(s) will be recorded on MBA transcript with the same grade as in the undergraduate record

• Tuition fee for each transferable subject is 5,000 Baht; other university fees applied

Process of transferring course(s)

1. Review the list of transferable courses, complete and submit AU MBA Bridge-Couse transfer form

2. Map transferred courses into the MBA program

3. Pay the bridging course fee of 5,000 Baht per course

4. Check with department on class attendance and participation in midterm and final exam


Transferable Courses

BBA Courses 


BG 1201 Statistics I 


ACT 2620 Fundamental of BA 6601 Managerial Accounting Managerial Accounting


MGT 3940 Business Research Methodology


FIN 3701 Corporate Finance


MKT 4730 Marketing Management


MGT 3905 Operations Management


FIN 3725 Managerial Economics 

MBA Courses


BG 5006 Introduction to Quantitative Analysis


BA 6601 Managerial Accounting Managerial Accounting


BP 6902 Business Research Methodology Research Methodology


BF 6701 Financial Management


BM 6801 Marketing Management


BP 6904 Operations Management


BE 6401 Managerial Economics 

BBA HTM Major students can transfer the following courses:

Undergraduate courses

HTM 3204 Human Resource Management in Hospitality and Tourism


HTM 3205 Marketing for Hospitality and Tourism


HTM 4210 Strategic Management in Hospitality and Tourism Planning and Development in Tourism


ACT 1600 / 1601 / 1602 Fundamentals of Financial Accounting


ACT 2620 Fundamentals of Managerial Accounting

Graduate Courses (MBA) Equivalent

TR6104 Human Resources Management for Organization (3 credits)


TR 6107 Marketing Management for Tourism (3 credits)


TR 6108 Strategic and Quality Management for Tourism and Hospitality (3 credits)


TR6110 Tourism Policy and Public Planning (3 credits)


TR 6000 Managerial Accounting, Economics & Financial Decision Making for Tourism (3 credits)

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