General Questions

What are the program you have?

Master, Doctoral and Certificate Programs

What is the best program you have?

The choice of the program depends upon individual is interest, background and work environment.

How can I apply for a program from abroad?

Firstly, download application and reference letters from the OGS website, fill it up and sent to, together with official transcript, degree certificate and a copy of passport, via email as attached file (s). After checking documents, the admission staff will reply to the applicant. If it is accepted then applicant needs to pay partial registration fee USD 1,500-3,000.

I will complete my credits in my Bachelor’s Degree this month, but I want to apply for (name of the program) because I know the application will be until the end of this month. What can I do?

At the time of application form submission, applicants must submit official transcripts (it should be mentioned the graduation date in the grading sheets and bachelor degree certificates together with other necessary documents. Except for joint programs, which admissions is only once a year, therefore, it is required to check with the coordinators and program directors. However, graduates from ABAC who are waiting for their degree certificates, they can submit a certificate of student status in replace of the certificate.

I will receive my degree next month, but today is the last day for application, can I apply for a program?

Yes, it can be done with completed official transcript.

How can you know whether an applicant is eligible to apply for a program?

Check his/her documents which should be matched with admission requirements.

I am a foreigner, I want to apply for a program, what documents do I need?

Completed official transcript (2 copies) Bachelor of degree certificate (2 copies) Passport pages with photo plus personal information and visa (2 copies)

I am studying only for 1 month here, but I am going abroad so I need to withdraw from the program. Can I get money back?

Cannot expect damage insurance.

Is the degree offered by your (master program) recognized worldwide?

Yes. It is.

I am a foreigner and I have a diploma and am I eligible to apply for a master program at your university?

That diploma must be equivalent to bachelor of degree with proof letter from that university or embassy or any authorized government and also can be able to check directly at University Hand Books from registration office.

How much I need to spend for a program? Per term? The whole program?

In average, expenses for the whole program is approximately 350,000 -550,000 baht. The exact number is depending upon the program because different programs have different expense structures. Per term, expenses will be in the range of 120,000-137,500.

I have CGPA 2.45, can I still apply for a program?

Yes. You can but you need to try hard on entrance exam and interview.

I lost my Bachelor Degree certificate. What should I do?

Letter of degree certification which is issued by your previous university, can be used instead of bachelor’s degree certificate. But still required official transcript record.

I am a student at (name of the University and program), but I want to take one/two courses at your program and transfer the credits back to my university, can I? What should I do?

Yes. We call this kind of student as Audit. Completed application form together with required documents and in addition, permission letter from the home university.

What type of entrance exam will I have?

Both written and oral entrance exams.

What is the topic for the exam?

AU English Test

  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Reading Comprehensive

How many foundation courses should I take?

Depends on the program and based on your background.

What are the foundation courses for?

English (Students need to study 45 hrs or 90 hrs. It depends on their entrance examination results.

I need to register 2 foundation courses this trimester, but I cannot study right now, what should I do?

Can join with net batch but maintain status is required to do if there is no course work registration.

After I pay the fees and I want to withdraw a course, can I? What will happen?

If you paid already for the subject you wish to withdraw, you need to fill up petition form and contact directly to your lecturer and get signature from him or her for permission. Then contact to OGS, if you submit within withdrawing period, you can get back 50% tuition fee as refund for the subject you have paid. We will delete the course from your registration and will not appear on your transcript. But, over the period, you cannot get back any refund and will appear in transcript as W (it means withdraw).

If after I pay the fees and I want to withdraw a course, can I? What will happen?

If you paid already for the subject you wish to withdraw, you need to fill up petition form and contact directly to your lecturer and get signature from him or her for permission. Then contact to OGS, if you submit within withdrawing period, you can get back 50% tuition fee as refund for the subject you have paid. We will delete the course from your registration and will not appear on your transcript. But, over the period, you cannot get back any refund and will appear in transcript as W (it means withdraw).

If after I pay the fees and I want to change a course, can I? What will happen?

If you paid already for the subject you wish to change, we still can allow you to change. But, you need to consider our university of regulation that you have to withdraw the subject you registered already and take back 50% refund of your course fee, then, you can add the subject you wish, but you have to pay 100% for tuition fee. You should apply the petition form to OGS during the changing period.

What are the necessary procedures for transfer credit from other universities to AU?

Students can be able to transfer maximum 12 credits from other universities. It is required to check their official transcript, course description, outlines and grade. The subject must be the same which we are offering here and their former universities. And the grade should be B+ and above.

Additional General FAQ for Prospective Students

What are the differences between MBA (Day/Evening) and others MBA program?

MBA (Day/Evening) program is required to sit for two written entrance exams and personal interview. The other MBA programs are only required to pass interview. MBA regular program is needed to start from foundation courses and have a chance to choose Thesis and non-Thesis option and concentration. The expenses and the venue for the classes are also different. If students are interesting to join in other MBA programs such as weekend track, fast track, professional MBA (Day/Evening), they need to follow the block teaching courses.

If students graduated the BBA from Assumption with GPA 3 and above, could they waive all foundation courses and start directly from credit course?

Although their GPA is 3 and above, they still need to take personal interview and need to study foundation course in the first semester and they could be able to start from credit courses.

Could students join double major in master program at the same time?

It is possible to study if time is not conflict between two programs.

If student have TOFEL or IELTS score to apply for MA.ELT program, they can get exemption for English test or not?

No. Although students have those scores, all applicants need to sit for entrance exams. For TOEFL 550 and IELTS 6.0, no need to take AU Test and just need to sit interview.

What are the admission processes for students from China (who graduated from China)?

Admission processes for Chinese students are different from other nationalities, especially they need to certify and get endorsement stamps in all required documents by Thai Embassy in China and Chinese government. Without those stamp, we cannot be able to accept.

If international students come with tourist visa, could they study in AU?

International students cannot be able to study with tourist visa, they need to change their visa type to education visa out of Thailand. University can be able to provide acceptance letter in order to change their visa type.

If international students hold business visa type, could they study in Thailand?

Yes. We can allow. If students quit their job or want to are their visa and stay by university, they need to let us know in advance.

What are the good offer for ABAC graduate BBA to continue MBA?

Transfer credits of 4 subjects up to B+. Less fee to do MBA than other students.

My friend will not be here for the registration and the payment, what should she/he do?

If students are not free to register courses and pay for the fee, of course, they can ask their friends or one of their family member to do on behalf of them, but do not forget to pass their student ID card, cause registration office will not allow you to pay without your ID card. Sometimes, you may need to write authorization letters, mentioning the personal name and citizen ID number that you asked him or her to pay instead of you. Otherwise, they can make online payment from AU Spark.

Today is the last day to pay for the registration, but I am still waiting for the money transfer, what should I do?

Normally, students have already known when will be last date for registrations. They should adult themselves and apply to transfer in time for payment. Exceptionally, they may have some problems between their banks and if they have good reasons, they can fill up petition form and get permissions from Dean or Director. If allow, no need to pay for late fee 2000 baht, otherwise, they cannot be able to avoid to pay for late fee. Student must pay for late fee.

I missed the registration period, what should I do?

You need to fill up the petition form manually at OGS and request to register. We can register for you if seats are availabl

I have paid for my registration fees, but the amount they charged is not correct; It is more than I should have paid, what should I do?

If you know immediately, just contact to registration office within a day. If not, contact to OGS and submit your original registration receipt and fill up the petition. The coordinator will check and contact to registration office for correction the actual amount.

When is the last day to pay for the registration fees?

Normally, we use to announce in our website, in front of OGS office of announcement board and 6th floor at cafeteria. So, you can easily check the payment schedule from academic calendar from our website at under current students or announcement.

MBA Entrance Examination @ Admission Interview

What should I do if I fail?

Can try next time.

What should I do if I pass this exam?

Need to register for interview and come for it according to schedule.

How many applicants will you accept into the program?

It depends upon the average of the class.

What should I choose: to take TOEFL/IELTS test or English entrance exam?

It is up to the applicant is convenience.

I graduated from Australia/U.S/Canada, should I take the English test?

Yes, because the exemption from English test only count on TOFEL or IELTS scores.

I am waiting for my TOEFL/IELTS test next month, but next week is the English Entrance exam, what should I do?

Can wait for those scores and submit it ASAP. If it does not reach the required score, OGS will give English test at that time.

I am not available to sit for the Entrance exam/Admission Interview, what should I do?

Cannot give make-up entrance exam and interview without solid proof.

How much score should I get to pass the entrance exam?

Pass mark of the entrance exam varies with the average score of the whole class, 70%.

What is the Admission Interview for?

To check the applicant of the background, interest, personality, capacity and ability.

If I pass the Entrance Examination, does it mean that I can enroll in the program?

Yes, you can assume as you are accepted into the program.

I passed the Entrance Examination and the Interview, but I want to study next year, can I?

Possible, but maintaining status (4900 baht) is required to do to keep all records, otherwise, next time you need to start from the beginning.

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