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AU is considered the leading private university in Thailand. English is the officially approved medium of instruction at Assumption University. The University’s curriculum is patterned after the American semester hour credit system. Graduates receive an education that is both globally marketable and flexible leading to highly productive careers within the various sectors of society from which the students come and to which they aspire to be.

AU welcomes international students from all over the world. Our university offers a diverse range of academic programs that are recognized globally, including undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees. Join our community of international students and experience a truly global education at AU.


At the Hua Mak Campus in the city, although the University will not be able to offer graduate students accommodation in campus, but there are a wide range of neighboring townhouses, rooms and condominiums to choose from. Those are at the immediate area of Au and the range of rents starting from 3,000 baht up to 12,000 baht per month. The rents may or may not include electricity and water. Phones usually cost extra. The electricity is 220 volts and 50 hertz. If you are not offered accommodation by your college, or it is unable to provide the type of housing you need, you should contact the Au International Center.

At the Suvarnabhumi Campus, there are formal residence halls that have been beautifully designed and furnished with color TV, refrigerator, telephone, private bath and fiber-optic Internet connections. The rooms come in a variety of arrangements such as singles, doubles, triples and quads to accommodate students who wish to live alone or to share with friends. In addition, there are laundry and food services, a well-equipped physical fitness center as well as basketball, volleyball and tennis courts located adjacent to the halls. For the less athletic, there is also a table tennis recreation and board game room. A comprehensive sports complex is under construction, which will have a 50- meter Olympic sized swimming pool, an indoor stadium, gymnasium and other fitness space.



Buy a Student Universe Exclusive Fare

When you see the symbol to the right, it means the associated fare is available exclusively for full- time students, youth, or faculty. If you purchase a ticket and are not eligible for the special fare, you may be refused boarding by the airline. If this happens, you will not receive a refund for your ticket.

Buy a Regular Fare

Regular fares are available to all of our customers, regardless of age or status. When our student fares are not available on a particular fight, regular fares are a great alternative.

Fly Midweek

Airlines often add a weekend surcharge of $25-40 (each way) for fights on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Try Several Dates

If your schedule is flexible, try flying a day before or a day after the dates you originally entered. This can increase your chances of finding availability and a great price.

Search Major Airports, as well as Local Airports

Check fares from your local airport, but search fares from your closest major city (Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, New York) as well. Competition among the airlines is higher in larger markets, and fares are sometimes lower.

Book Early

Fares are subject to airline availability, which changes frequently. Airlines allot only a certain number of student fare tickets. Once those tickets are sold, there are no more student fares available, even if it appears there are still seats on the plane.



If you already have a mobile phone it is recommended you bring it with you to Thailand. Once settled down in Bangkok you can then simply purchase a Thai SIM card for a very reasonable price. However, do not continue to using your SIM card from your home country as any calls made or received in Thailand will be hugely expensive.



In addition to the basic coverage provided by the ISIC card, you should take additional comprehensive travel insurance. Your coverage should include medical evacuation and repatriation. However, it is recommended that you shop around and find the most appropriate cover for your circumstances and length of stay.



Consider the in-country costs before you go. You should develop a budget and live by it. Consider the costs of optional excursions, gifts, school supplies, internet access, in-country transportation and general living costs. Many a student, has lost their mind at one of the night clubs in Bangkok and have spent their semester budgets in their first week abroad. Try to familiarize yourself with the local currency, and calculate your budget in that currency.



Do a little research and find out how you will be communicating with your people back home. Sim cards are your choice. You can do compare sim cards providers by price and speed from website ( Another recently developed option is the travel cellular, though expensive; you’ll have a number to give your friends before you get on the plane. ( The choice is your personal preference and may well be decided by the length of time you will be studying at Assumption.

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