General Questions

How can I get the student ID card, class schedule and academic calendar?

For the student ID, please contact to the Office of Graduate Studies.

How can I get an Internet account?

Contact the Office of Graduate Studies at ‘A’ building 3rd floor Hua Mak Campus or OGS front office counter at ABAC City Campus. This account is accessible for AU mail, grade checking, on-line registration, on-line survey or evaluation.

What should I do if I lost my student ID card?

For the student whose ID before 601, student needs to contact the Bank of Ayudhaya, ABAC Hua Mak branch to request for a new ID card. A fee for issuing a new ID card is 250 B. Student will get a slip for taking the ID card from the Bank and student need to show this slip to Office of Graduate Studies’ staff for taking the exam or having some services from the university until she/he get the new ID card from the Bank. For the student whose ID after 601, student needs to contact to the Office of Graduate Studies at ‘A’ Building 3rd floor Huamak Campus to request a new ID card.

What should I do if I want to have a late exam?

A formal petition request for late exam is required to be submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies with the documents pertaining to the cause of their absences along with the late exam fee of 1,500 B. within 3 days after the date you have missed the exam.

Now I have an exam, but my name is not enlisted, why? What should I do?

Contact Office of Graduate Studies to check the attendance list and registration payment list from the database, if your name is appeared in that database or you can show the registration receipt, then you can get an exam permission slip. This can happen due to changed section/subject or late registration or wrong section. Student should contact OGS after the exam or next day to correct the record once again.

I have checked my grade, but it is written as 'I', what does it mean? Why?

Grade ‘I' stands for ‘Incomplete', i.e. student missed the mid-tem/final exam or student still needs to submit assignment or project, etc. therefore, he/she needs to contact the lecturer to complete all requirements for the course within the 4 months after the course has been taken.

Why is the exam room and the study room not the same? Why we cannot know the exam room a week in advance/3 days in advance?

Exam and study room can be different due to the limitation space of the class room and bulletin board. Students have to sit far to each other in examination and therefore students are responsible for checking the exam room which is announced on the exam day.

My friend will not be here for the registration and the payment, what should she/he do?

She/he can do registration and make payment at AU Spark.

Today is the last day to pay for the registration, but I am still waiting for the money transfer, what should I do?

Normally, students have already known when will be last date for registrations. They should adult themselves and apply to transfer in time for payment. Exceptionally, they may have some problems between their banks and if they have good reasons, they can fill up petition form and get permissions from Dean or Director. If allow, no need to pay for late fee 2000 baht, otherwise, they cannot be able to avoid to pay for late fee. Student must pay for late fee.

I missed the registration period, what should I do?

You need to fill up the petition form manually at OGS and request to register. We can register for you if seats are available.

I have paid for my registration fees, but the amount they charged is not correct; It is more than I should have paid, what should I do?

If you know immediately, just contact to registration office within a day. If not, contact to OGS and submit your original registration receipt and fill up the petition. The coordinator will check and contact to registration office for correction the actual amount.

When is the last day to pay for the registration fees?

Normally, we use to announce in our website, in front of OGS office of announcement board and 6th floor at cafeteria. So, you can easily check the payment schedule from academic calendar from our website at under current students or announcement.

I want to get a certification letter from ABAC to get information/internship from/at a company, where and how can I get i

Fill up a petition request for a formal letter of certification and submit at OGS. A formal letter will be available after 3 working days.

I want to change my program to other program, what should I do? What documents should I need?

Fill up the petition form to resign from the current program and get the approval signature from the dean or program director of the current program then contact the dean or program director of the new program you wish to apply for to have the approval signature. Then submit the approved petition to the OGS and pay the fee 2,000 B. for change program. You may need to follow the requirements of the new program you selected.

I will not register next trimester, I will come to study again after the next semester, what should I do?

Student needs to maintain status for any trimester that he/she not register any course work, i.e. student needs to pay 4,900 baht per trimester.

I am studying only for 1 month here, but I am going abroad so I need to withdraw from the program. Can I get my money back?

Leaving the program you cannot get the registration fee back. If a student withdraws the course within the first 2 weeks of the specific trimester, a 50 % Refund of tuition fee is possible.

If after I pay the fees and I want to withdraw a course, can I? What will happen?

Courses may be added or withdrawn during the first two weeks of each trimester with the Dean’s approval. Students who believe that they are not prepared for the final examination may withdraw from a course provided they do so at least 15 days before the date of the first final examination of that trimester. You need to fill-up a petition form and get the permission signature you’re your lecturer, then, submit your petition to OGS. You have to pay for new course first and if withdrawing course(s) are within the period of withdrawing, you can wait and will get back 50% refund of tuition fee for the subject you have paid. The subject will not be shown in your transcript. Withdrawing course(s) after the period of withdrawing, there will be no refund and the courses will be shown in the transcript with ‘W’ (it means withdraw).

I registered for the course, there are many sections, I change to study in another section, what can I do?

Students are required to study and fulfill the attendance record only in the section they have registered for. Furthermore, full-time students would only be allowed to register in day sections and part-time students are to register in evening sections, except for courses that are offered for both sections. If students want to change the section, they need to ask the permission from both sections (previous and new section). If both lecturers sign the petition form and the dean agrees, students can change the section. Students who wish to register the course across the sections need to obtain the Dean’s approval prior to the registration of the course.

What are the requirements of transferring credits from my previous program (AU) or other universities?

Maximum number of courses for credit transferring is 4 which are 12 credits. In addition, courses which are transferred should be at the grade of at least B+. You can make a petition request attach with course descriptions to the OGS.

Can credits I earned here be transferred to other universities? Local or international ones?

Yes, but it depends on grade of the course(s) and also that university’s regulation.

Comprehensive Examinations and Thesis (MBA)

Which one is better for me: Comprehensive Examinations or Thesis?

Comprehensive option may be faster if you can pass all papers within one semester.

This semester I am taking my last courses; can I register for the Comprehensive Examinations?

No, cannot.

What are the topics for Comprehensive Examinations?

Comprehensive Examinations are 4 main papers which are Marketing Management (MM), Financial Management (FM), Strategic Management (BP) and General Management (GM).

If I fail in the Comprehensive Examinations, what should I do

For MM, FM and BP, if you failed, you need to retake it again and if you failed for two times, you need to register for audit class in that paper, then you can register for comprehensive exam in the same time, but GM papers, you need to pass four subjects out of six.

Do you have any tips or guidelines for taking the Comprehensive Examinations?

Yes. We have. Normally, the guideline for each paper will be announced 1 week before the examination date.

How many papers I can register as starter?

It is up to you. You can register only 1 subject or you can register 4 subjects.

Do I need to pass all 4 Papers?

Yes, you need, but no need to pass all papers in the same time.

I failed in Paper I last trimester, can I retake it this trimester?

Yes, you can.

I failed in Paper II twice; can I retake it this trimester?

Yes, you can, but you need to register audit class in Paper II before you came to register for comprehensive exam. If you do not register audit class, you cannot retake it.

What courses will be included in GM Paper?

In general management, there are divided into 6 sub papers, which are Managerial Accounting (MA), Management Information System (MIS), Managerial Economics (ME), Organizational Behaviors (OB), Operational Management (OM) and International Business Management (IBM).

To pass GM paper how many courses are needed to pass?

At least 4 papers for GM, you can take any times you want and you can keep the results in which papers you are already passed.

I failed in Paper III, I am sure I did well though, so what can I do?

You can submit the petition for Q&A according to the period that provided.

I am taking my last courses now, when can I register for Comprehensive Exams (written and oral)?

You can register for written comprehensive in next semester.

I want to take Thesis Option, what should I do?

You need to complete the thesis approval form first. The form you can ask at OGS.

When can I submit my thesis proposal?

Before 10th of every month. Exceptionally, for the month October, November and December are extended to 15th of those months.

Do you choose advisors for me?

No, it is up to you and your topic as well.

How can I choose my advisors?

You can find the list of advisors from the board in front of OGS.

Who can be eligible to take for comprehensive exam?

If students completed 48 credits and passed in all subjects, they can be able to take comprehensive exam

If students fail 2 times in any papers, they still can try the comprehensive exam?

Yes, they still can try until they pass, except MM, FM and SM papers. If they fail in those papers, they need to register and join in audit class.

Who can be eligible to do Thesis?

If students completed 36 credits, they can be able to start their thesis. Firstly, they need to choose the advisor & topic and fill up the thesis proposal form from OGS and get signature from Chairperson and advisor.

I already finished all required courses and elective courses and I am doing thesis right now. But I would like to attend one more class (for example: internet marketing) because I am interested in this subject. Is it possible and how can I attend?

You can take more course without grading or if you prefer to change with the grade of higher one, you can ask permission to withdraw the 1st one and you can change the grades. But you have to pay for new course.

I already finished all the requirements of the program including comprehensive exam and waiting for the graduation but I would like to join double degree program or joint program, is that possible?

Free to change to another degree under AU cooperation program. But you have to pay addition fee to study at oversea at the current rate.

The allowance period for Thesis is within 1 year, right. So, if I cannot finish my thesis within one year, how can I continue my study and can I extend?

You can extend thesis duration by paying thesis courses again.

I already passed my proposal defense on thesis, but I have difficulties on collecting data and cannot continue my topic for final defense. Should I change my thesis topic?

You can ask permission to your advisor and GSB and can submit for proposal defense and pay the defense fee again.


I want to get a certification letter from ABAC get information/internship from/ at a company, where and how can I get it?

Fill up and submit request letter form at OGS and a requested letter will be available after 3 working days.

If has been 5 years already and I have not completed my study, what should I do to completed my study, what should I do to complete the study?

Student may request for Re-enter in the program by submitting a petition form together with an additional explanation letter, addressed to the Dean.

I have finished all the requirements of the program, what should I do need to graduate?

Can request an official transcript and need to do registration for commencement exercise starts from mid of September until mid of October.

I will not be available to register for the graduation commencement, I can do it earlier?

Possible, please contact to Office of University Registrar at window no 7.

Last year I did not attend the graduation commencement; can I attend the next one?

Yes, but do need to do registration for commencement exercise during the given period.


Who are required to complete internship? What are the requirements to apply for internship?

Only MBA day students are required for internship. If students completed 12 credits, they can start to do their internship. For the first step, they need to fill-up the internship application form and looking for the company by themselves or assistance by OGS.

What is the purpose of Internship program?

To provide valuable opportunities to the students to acquire working experience and render them opportunities to apply various business concepts and theories acquired in the MBA courses. They also gain in-depth business knowledge pertaining to the industry in which they trained during their internship period.

What is ABAC GSB’s intention toward the program?

To connect businesses with students.

How long does the program take?

3 months per trimester.

What do I need to be qualified for the program?

I need to complete at least 12 credits and are able to register every trimester.

What are the things I need to apply for the program?

  1. Register Online Application Form and submit 1 unofficial transcript at ABAC GSB.
  2. Submit company’s confirmation letter and Registration Form at ABAC GSB.
  3. Submit Internship Evaluation Form after undertaking the Internship program. This Evaluation Form must be recommended by the company.
  4. Submit 2 copies of reports and make an oral presentation during a specific period of time.
  5. Pay 500 baht for oral presentation.

Can I search a company by myself?

Yes, you can.

How do I request for Internship letter(s)?

You are required to fill up Letter Request Form at ABAC GSB.

Can I change the company during my Internship?

No, you cannot since it will totally affect your report and presentation.

What do I need to prepare for writing a report?

You need to follow the format written in the Outline of Internship Final Report.

What do I need to prepare for making a presentation?

You need to follow the format written in the Outline of Internship Presentation.

What are the consequences when I have already applied but I don’t undertake Internship?

Your record will be cancelled and you are required to reapply next trimester.

What are the consequences when I am unable to make a presentation in a specific period of time?

You will be required to make a presentation next trimester.

What are the consequences when I fail in the presentation?

You will be required to redo your presentation next trimester.

What qualifications are needed for Internship Exemption?

You need to have at least two years of work experience prior to your enrollment in the postgraduate program.

What are criteria for Internship Exemption?

Submit a petition form, requesting for Internship Exemption, and also attach the
following required documents to ABAC GSB.

  1. Company Employment letter with job description: Actual content of job(2 years summary)
  2. Name & contact number of supervisor

What is a next thing I need to do after requesting for Internship

After 3 days, you will know the result from Internship Coordinator.

Do I have to undertake Internship after I have switched to
Evening program?

Yes, you have to prepare your report and presentation.