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Professional Management certificates are designed to provide students, who are still in the process of deciding on a field for post graduate study with the necessary foundation knowledge in business management to make the correct choices. But they are not confined to students simply wishing to pursue post graduate studies. The Professional Management certificates can be undertaken by business people who want to brush up their knowledge and skills in business fields and gain a better insight into new areas of corporate practice.

The courses follow the “Block Teaching” system which enables students to study one course at a time and graduate from the program in four months. Students can study at their convenience on weekends. These courses are designed specifically to meet the needs of students and business people and will benefit all those who enjoy learning and socializing with others while taking on new challenges in their managerial roles.


The primary objectives of the Professional Management Certificates are as follows:

The program is designed for prospective students who are interested in advancing their business knowledge in the fields of Marketing, Finance, General Management, Technology Management, Tourism Management, Organization Development and Automotive Dealer Management. The participants will be able to apply the skills and the knowledge gained from this program in their real work environments.

These courses will also give students the opportunity to join ABAC’s graduate program if and when they decide to pursue a Masters Degree*. Students can transfer some subjects to the Masters Degree of their choice after passing the comprehensive exams.


* Certificates are awarded to students who successfully complete all requirements for the selected Program.

* Transfer of credits is allowed only for those who fulfill all of the program requirements and under the university’s registrar approval.

* Courses in Business and IT are transferable exclusively to programs offered by the Graduate School of Business.

* Course openings are contingent upon sufficient enrollments within each semester. The GSB reserves the right to open or close concentration courses based on enrollments.


• Fresh graduates

• Those who plan to pursue higher degrees in business fields

• Practitioners who want to upgrade their business knowledge

• Individuals interested in entering into the fields of business, management and IT

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