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Why choosing the international EDBA and not a PhD?

In contrast to a PhD, which is characterized by an exclusively academic and theoretic orientation, the Executive DBA is more practice orientated and pragmatic than a PhD and is specially designed for managers who seek to boost their national or international career through a doctor degree.

How the BSI-ABAC Executive DBA creates business value for managers and firms ?

The EDBA is designed for managers who are already successful in business for many years and who look for a new intellectual challenge. At the same time, they are interested in management research and have a practical question in mind – a specific problem from their company or work environment – that they can approach in their dissertation and that provides benefits to their companies at the same time. Managers enrolled in the program can in turn produce and develop innovative ideas, as well as engage analytical tools within frameworks in the context of their career that they would otherwise not have had the opportunity to develop. This unique research-action can be compared to the mission of a consultant, benefiting from an additional conceptual and academic perspective. Businesses thus benefit from experiences and research conducted by these doctoral student managers over the three-years DBA program who are themselves supervised by a high-quality international faculty. It is for these reasons that many of the DBA student managers enrolled in the Executive DBA program are being financed by their companies.

How the EDBA is organized ?

The EDBA program lasts 3 years. It fits perfectly to the managers’ needs and is entirely compatible with their professional activity as it is organized as follows:

  • In the first year, students follow in 5 intensive 3 days week-end seminars in Bangkok

  • In the second year, students integrate an international research week at the BSI in Luxembourg to meet international top professors and international DBA students coming from Europe, Africa and North-America

  • In the second and third year students write the DBA thesis and are supervised via distance learning by international professors of the Business Science Institute’s Scientific Council.

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DBAs for research that creates impact? – Business Science Institute: Key figures January 2020 – Impact of the Executive DBA...  

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Local contact: Ms.Sansanee Aranyanak Khlaewkhla, Tel: 02-3004543-62 Ext.1310, Email:

For whom is the EDBA designed ?

The Executive Doctorate of Business Administration (EDBA) of Assumption University Graduate School of Management in Thailand (ABAC) and the Business Science Institute (BSI) from the university Luxembourg is an advanced doctorate degree (post-master/MBA program) lasting 3 years with an international course of study. It is validated by a scientific council composed of sixty professors coming from renowned international universities and business schools.

It corresponds specially to managers with rich professional experiences having an MBA or equivalent degree and who want to distinguish themselves by having a doctoral degree with an international course of study that creates considerable business value and opens opportunities for leadership positions in (inter)national companies. The EDBA is thus the ultimate degree for managers in the field of Business Administration, with only a very small percentage of business professionals ever achieving this top level of success. It is a specialist professional qualification that unites professional practice in business and industry with academic knowledge. DBA professionals are therefore an elite group, recognized as leaders of their own organization, and attractive to those others who seek to appoint at the highest level of management.

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