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AU offers a Pre-MBA program for 4th year undergraduates. Eligible students can take up to 4 courses in one semester, including Introduction to Management Information System, Introduction to Quantitative Analysis, Organizational Behavior, and Managerial Accounting.

Pre M.B.A. Program

Master of Business Administration

4th year undergraduate students are eligible to take a maximum four (4) Pre-MBA courses for a maximum of one (1) semester, which includes the following:

1. Introduction to Management Information System

2. Introduction to Quantitative Analysis

3. Organizational Behavior

4. Managerial Accounting

Admission Requirements

  • AU 4th year undergraduate student with maximum four remaining undergraduate courses.

  • Cumulative GPA of 2.00 and above.

  • Take the English Entrance Exam and English Interview. If a student received a B+ or higher in ENG 1-4, the English Entrance Exam will be waived and only have to sit for interview.

  • Students must graduate from undergraduate degree coursework to continue directly into the second tri-master of the MBA program.

  • Students must receive a B or higher in Pre-MBA courses to gain credit. If a student receives below a B, s/he must repeat the subject during the MBA program.

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