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Pre M.B.A. Program

Master of Business Administration

4th year undergraduate students are eligible to take a maximum four (4) Pre-MBA courses for a maximum of one (1) semester, which includes the following:

1. Introduction to Management Information System

2. Introduction to Quantitative Analysis

3. Organizational Behavior

4. Managerial Accounting

Admission Requirements

  • AU 4th year undergraduate student with maximum four remaining undergraduate courses.

  • Cumulative GPA of 2.00 and above.

  • Take the English Entrance Exam and English Interview. If a student received a B+ or higher in ENG 1-4, the English Entrance Exam will be waived and only have to sit for interview.

  • Students must graduate from undergraduate degree coursework to continue directly into the second tri-master of the MBA program.

  • Students must receive a B or higher in Pre-MBA courses to gain credit. If a student receives below a B, s/he must repeat the subject during the MBA program.

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