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Appreciating and celebrating what we have, creating endless possibilities and building on potentials are processes of positive change in Organization Development and Transformation (ODT). The program is developed for upcoming/already graduates of bachelor / master in any field and for those who have interests in engaging in consulting, coaching and facilitating change initiatives in individuals, groups/team, organizations, family business of second/third generations and/or social /community work, through strategies /approaches in OD, HRD, HRM, Change Management and related fields.


The admission qualifications for the applicants to enter the program are as follows: 1. Master’s Degree in Organization Development, Business Administration, Management or any related fields from the institution accredited by the Ministry of Education Thailand. 2. GPA of at least 3.50 on a scale of 4.00 or equivalent. 3. TOEFL score of at least 620 PBT or 213 CBT or an IELTS (Academic) overall band of at least 6.5. The certificate of TOEFEL score must be within 2 years valid for the prospective applicants of non-English native speaking countries. 4. In case of unavailability of TOEFL score, prospective applicants of non-native English speaking countries are required to take the English Proficiency Test with Graduate School of English, Assumption University. 5. Minimum five years of work experience in their own fields of specialization or industry. 6. Three acceptable letters of recommendation from former instructors and current employers or supervisors. The letters must be sealed and signed by the recommenders. 7. A complete document that articulates statement of purpose which are reasons for attending the doctoral program.

PhD OD Program would equip and enable you with the following competencies:

- Understanding and appreciating of internal/external changes confronting organizations in today’s exponential times (fast changing / complex) world - Facilitating to utilize Thinking Tools (Frameworks, Perspectives, Processes) to LEAD and MANAGE Change in the organization – identifying potential challenges for changes, waving multiple mindsets / perspectives and engaging the organization in planned change processes - Facilitating to choose and apply positive Planned Changed strategies, approaches, processes, and inside-out & outside-in activities to use in organization development interventions (ODI) - Facilitating to assess, design, engage and conduct action research programs that contribute a new knowledge of OD to the world at a real focal organization to initiate, implement, document, and evaluate change - Facilitating and advocacy to use OD as a management strategy to development people capital in organizations


Installments                (THB)                        (US$)

1 st Installment           281,100                    9,870

2nd Installment          288,000                    9,600

3rd Installment           288,000                    9,600

4th Installment           288,000                    9,600

5th Installment           205,900                    6,697

6th Installment           157,000                    5,233

Total                          1,500,000                  50,000


Note - Fees are subject to change when applicable to the university discretion and without prior notice. - Payment must be arranged in six installments as requested by Assumption University - Currency Exchange Rate: THB 30 = US$ 1

Study Plan

First Year

First Semester

OD 5800 Human Development Induction and Interaction      Non-Credit

OD 5900 Research Design and Methodology                              3 (3-0-6)

OD 69xx Two Elective Courses                                                      6 (6-0-12)

                 Total                                                                                 9 (9-0-18)

Second Semester

OD 69xx Three Elective Courses                                                   9 (9-0-18)                      Total                                                                                  9 (9-0-18)


Second Year

First Semester

OD 8900 Organization Development Consultingand            Non-Credits

                 Process Facilitation  

OD 9100 Doctoral Dissertation I                                               9 (0-0-27)

                Total                                                                              9 (0-0-27)

Second Semester

OD 8901 Action Research Methodology & Processes         Non-Credits

OD 9101 Doctoral Dissertation II                                              9 (0-0-27)

                Total                                                                              9 (9-0-27)

Third Year

First Semester

OD 8902 Values and Ethics in Change                                   Non-Credits

OD 9102 Doctoral Dissertation III                                            9 (0-0-27)

                Total 9                                                                             (0-0-27)

Second Semester

OD 8903 Organization Development                                    Non-Credits

OD 9103 Integration and Application                                   9 (0-0-27)

                 Doctoral Dissertation IV

               Total                                                                            9 (0-0-27)


For applicants with a Master’s Degree from any field, admission will be granted only after they have passed the oral entrance examination. ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS

1. A completed application form

2. Bachelor and Master’s Degree Certificate

3. Bachelor and Master's Degree Transcript

4. Curriculum Vitae

5. Statement of Purpose

6. Two copies of Citizen I.D. and residence registration - For Thai Applicants 7. Two copies of Passport - For Non-Thai Applicants (2 copies)

8. Four Recent Photos (1 x 1 “ size)

9. Two recommendation letters

10. Recent TOEFL (minimum 620) or IELTS (minimum 6.5)

11. Admission fee: 2, 000 baht


1,000 THB

(AU English Proficiency Test Interview Entrance Examination)

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