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Agreement signing Ceremony between the GS-BATM and the Bhopal School of Advanced Sciences

The Online Symbolic Agreement signing Ceremony between the Graduate School of Business and Advanced Technology Management, Assumption University of Thailand and the Bhopal School of Advanced Sciences, Bhopal, India, on July 7, 2022.

Through the second E, we emphasize Ethics as the best way for individuals to live and fulfill their responsible roles with integrity, trustworthiness and efficiency, whatever their endeavors in life. The third significant E in our identity is Entrepreneurial spirit which is viewed as Leadership, Management ability and the belief in hard work as the best way we can achieve results and overcome obstacles as enshrined in the University’s and the Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel motto in Thailand, LABOR OMNIA VINCIT (in Latin).

It is our hope that students from the Bhopal Institute of Advanced Studies through entering our degree programs offered collaboratively, would carry with them the Assumption University values in holistic education.

Congratulatory address by the AU President

Rev. Dr. Fr. John P.J., Director, the Faculty and the students of the Bhopal School of Advanced Studies

It is my pleasure indeed to extend greetings of fraternity on this occasion when our two Catholic Institutions renew our agreement and commitment to further the cause of education for the future leaders of Management and Technology in Thailand and in India.

It is gratifying to note that our two institutions have consistently worked on educative collaborations since the year 2005, thus placing us both in positions of pride in the larger contexts of our countries and communities for the dedication and passion for excellence we share for the benefit of learners. In the value-mix, there have also been opportunities for both institutions to participate and share expertise through visiting lecturers and conference activities.

As an International Catholic University in Thailand, Assumption University is committed to extending the vision of our educative mission to uphold and to promote education for those desiring to achieve their goals through holistic education, emphasizing on three E’s, namely, English, Ethics, and Entrepreneurial Spirit.

By espousing the medium of instruction and communication in English, we wish to enable our students to communicate effectively in societies and contribute to just and equitable economic systems. English language is therefore our focus.

I congratulate Rev. Dr. Fr. John, P.J., and the Bhopal School of Advanced Studies for the shared successes in the past, and for the prospective fruits of the future. I wish the relationship between our two institutions long life and God’s blessings.


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