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Expert's sharing: Legal and tax advice for successful outbound investment

Khun Monchai Varatthan, partner of TMI Associates Co.,Ltd, conducted an expert sharing session on "plan, design and implement successful outbound investments" for graduate students on 22nd and 29th April 2023.

During the sessions, Khun Monchai highlighted several aspects of laws, rules and regulations, related to investment types and forms, foreign exchange control, intellectual property, property ownership, labor and employment, licenses and permits along with other specific laws. He also explained corporate income tax, indirect tax, personal income tax to understand the effective tax rates. Beyond the legal and tax considerations, Khun Monchai highlighted the necessary documentation, important terms and conditions to be aware of in negotiating agreements with overseas partners.

The highlight of the session was a roleplay, in which students were grouped into teams to negotiate term sheets. With Khun Monchai's feedback and guidance, students were able to understand the real-world implication and complexity of negotiating the terms to reach mutual agreement.

We wish to thank Khun Monchai for sharing his time and expertise and for simplifying complex matters for all participants. Your valuable insights on how to plan, design and implement successful outbound investment are appreciated.



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