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Extreme Makeover Padaeng Industry PCL Bangkok - March 2018

Updated: Dec 19, 2018



We were privileged to receive this graphic and fully informative presentation by Mr. Francis Vanbellen, Managing Director of Padaeng Industry Bangkok.

Francis is without doubt, the best Speaker of The Month we have had for a long time. Even suffering a slight cold, he gave a robust and animated presentation that began with pictures of his own personal makeover from 2012 to the present day. He has lost 14 kilos in body weight, looks slim and trim through regular work outs in the gym; has given up on carbohydrates and has stopped smoking after 40 years. He believes that being happy is a very important quality of life and encouraged us all to practice happiness.

Under his guidance Padaeng Industry PCL which has had an extreme make over, having changed from zinc mining and smelting to solar energy production and in the process has reduced from 900 employees and 15 managers to around 300 employees and 5 managers. The business has changed from solely Mae Sot in Thailand to now include two sites in Japan. More sites are planned to take output from 20 Megawatts to 80 Megawatts. All sites are remotely monitored from Bangkok. Since 2012 the company has achieved very impressive nancial results in terms of both ROE (10%) and ROA (14%). The company’s share price has quadrupled in 6 years and continues to rise.

Our audience was treated to a practical demonstration of how the extreme make over was achieved and how the tools our students are taught in class, have been applied at Padaeng. Industry.

Uniquely, Francis told us how honesty; facing up to taking hard decisions, informing people why an industry must close and layoff people before the event takes place; paying them a generous termination payment and helping them and alternative employment or retraining them for the new business.

Graphic pictures were shown of the Padaeng factory site in Mae Sot and how the original mining site was completely replanted as a park. The factory has been rebuilt as a museum. The company has demonstrated how a good company has taken care for the environment and its people and the local community.

Francis talked for around 90 minutes walking in amongst the audience as he did so and answered numerous questions in detail for the next 20 minutes, after which a commemorative plaque was presented to him and two series of group photographs of all participants were taken.

Ajarn Glen Chatelier and friends conducted Francis on a tour of the Sala beside our lake and our Assumption chapel beside A Building. Ajarn Glen also detailed Bother Martin Komolmas’ (our Rector Emeritus) friendship to the previous Belgian King and Queen and their visits to our Hua Mark campus were also discussed.

Francis expressed his gratitude for our Assumption friendship to his Belgian Royal family connection.

We hope that this article for Connect Magazine will encourage all students to devote their energies to serious study and application of lessons learned by: Developing a happy demeanor;

Working hard and taking the hard decisions required in business;

Being honest in all their dealings with others;

Caring for their community and to our environment.

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