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Key takeaway from the exclusive session with Dr. Amornthep Chawala

Dr. Amornthep jazzed up the afternoon at ABAC City Campus with his personal stories of how theories from one discipline were often inadequate to help him fill the gaps and questions for his intriguing mind.

Throughout an entertaining one and a half hour, we learn that:

  • There are always gaps between theories and real-life practices (& we do not necessarily apply what we learn to our work)

  • There is no definite answer on which theory works or doesn’t.

  • We need to consider the context of the situation. Some may work in particular situations.

To fill the gap, we need to

  • Ask questions to ourselves. Ask “What if”, even when other people may have the same view.

  • Explore other disciplines, observe the surrounding to get first hand-experience & validate your analysis.

  • Think differently. Keep learning and do something you enjoy doing.



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