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Mr. Chris Thatcher Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Guest Speaker: Mr. Chris Thatcher

Position: Chairman and Director of the British Chamber of Commerce in Thailand

Topic: Life in the Business World beyond MBA

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

09:30 – 11:30 Hours

Venue: Salle D’ Expo, ABAC Hua Mak Campus

There are some differences in the education system among the countries. We would prefer a highly qualified theoretical or a hard – working innovative thinker. MBA means little if we cannot put it into practice. We must have an actual learning, understanding, and contributing to our study.

MBA provides us a chance to learn more about theories, gives greater insights into leadership and measurement, delivers an occasion to study the ways others operate, demonstrates an ambition to be better, increases promotion opportunity, and displays a commitment to self – improvement.

MBA may not make a great leader, does not guarantee certain capabilities, and cannot be seen as evidence of leadership or management opportunities.

With respect to the next generations, we need to change what can be done over the next groups or the same one within the next ten years, because the teachers give an education experience.

An example of the United Kingdom’s education, they teach the students to have proper planning, being honest by trying not to hide any potential weaknesses, because the teachers will find out anyway. The leaders usually have to be both inspiration and obligation to do certain things for the betterment of people in the country.

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