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How the HR Role Has Evolved in this Digital Era

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

Both honorable guest speakers Ms. Rungnapa Charoenrungsiri and Ms. Sarin Wongkritprasertare are from ROBERT WALTERS Bangkok, Thailand. Established in 1985, the company is a world– leading professional recruitment consultancy and its core brand places the emphasis on advising and searching for the best human resources or talents. The company’s clients range from global, regional and SMEs to start-ups companies.

Human resources role has inviably evolved in this digital transformation era. Many organizations are under pressure for cost saving, increasing revenue leveraging technology, heightening organization culture and values, managing merger and acquisition and joint venture; and employee enagement to support long term growth plan. These repercussions have redefined the HR practices and raised the bar in talents search.

Other key take-away items: industry and employment trends; employer's expectations on young and experienced talents to support long-term growth; employee's expectations on employers; and essential skill sets.



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