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Seminar on Negotiation Skills: Negotiations, Bargaining and Compromising

A Seminar Training by International Negotiations Experts: Professor Raymond Saner and Professor Lichia Yiu. Open only for AU GS-BATM .Mon, November 7, 2022, 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM Indochina Time Thailand Time

Benefits: This seminar will provide you with:

1. The basic terminology and the differences among the main concepts in international negotiations

2. A skill to identify the above-mentioned concepts, methodologies and strategies

3. An assessment of your own negotiation style and teach you how to deal with people who have a different communicating, thus, negotiating style

4. A skill to think before you act, i.e. how to reach a more inclusive outcome that will meet your expectations and satisfy the other party as well.

5. Learn some basic do’s and don’ts

Program Schedule

0900-0915 Opening, Introduction and Learning Objectives

0915-0945 Module 1 Negotiation theory & practice, Quiz(self-assessment)

0945-1045 Distributive Bargaining (Claiming Value), Role Play: TCE vs Global; Integrative Bargaining: ABB vs WWF

1045-1100 Break

1100-1130 Module 3: Negotiation Behavior ; Negotiation Behavior Quiz

1130-1145 Closure Summary and Closure of Workshop

*** Certificates of Participation will be given after the event.

****This event is organized only for the students and lecturers from the Assumption University -Graduate School of Business and Advanced Technology Management. Not open to external participants.



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