The Thailand Elite Card Strategy for the Global Tourism Market - January 2018

Updated: Dec 19, 2018



Khun Pruet presented us with details of The Thai Privilege Card range of products. The Thai Privilege Card Company consists of a Multi-purpose card available to foreigners who regard themselves as friends of Thailand. The company is part of The Tourism Authority of Thailand located on Sathorn Road with of ces at W Hotel in the same compound as Luang Sathorn’s historical residence, which for many years was the home of the Embassy of USSR and more recently was redeveloped as a restaurant. Khun Pruet has two Master’s degrees one in Business Administration from Chulalongkorn University and another in Aviation Science from The University of New South Wales.

Much of Khun Pruet’s career was with Thai Airways in which he was posted to numerous locations abroad. He took the opportunity to learn and become pro cient in French, German, Swedish and Chinese.

The initial focus of Khun Pruet’s presentation was, of course, on The Thai Privilege Card company its target market and the development of products within its chosen market of wealthy individuals and families who wish to live in Thailand for extended periods of time. The Thai Privilege card offers numerous bene ts for such individuals and families in fast tracking procedures through the Thai Bureaucracy in relation to visas, investment, accommodation, travel and shopping. An extensive range of discounts are provided and the card enables purchased directly without the need of other credit cards.

A second focus of Khun Pruet’s presentation emphasized the need that, as managers, we must ensure that in any business our revenues must exceed costs and he illustrated the point from his own business experience with Thai Airways in some of his overseas postings. He mentioned that cutting costs is quick and relatively easy but that increasing revenues requires a clear understanding of the business and the market with insight into how the market can be diversified and grown. Khun Pruet provided us with numerous examples of how the Thai Privilege cards market has been diversified from Single members to families and associates who are contacted through a global network of regional and country specific representatives.

After successfully elding numerous interesting questions from attendees, Khun Pruet was presented with a plaque by Dr Adarsh Batra Program Director of The TRM MBA and HTM PhD programs, after which group photographs were taken In front of The Hall of Fame with all attendees.

Our sincere thanks to Khun Pruet and his staff from providing us with valuable practical and inspirational business knowledge.

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