The Third Organization Development World Summit (ODWS2021)

We have been busy planning for our upcoming 3rd OD World Summit (ODWS) and wanted to keep you all informed on the latest developments.


The ODWS will be hosted and run from Assumption University Campus in Thailand from 14 to 16 October. Due to the evolving pandemic and its impact on travel in most countries around the world, the ODWS committee has decided the safest way to hold the event this year will be fully virtual.


The topic this year is BREAKPOINTS & BEYOND, a truly applicable theme in these times of upheaval. This global gathering aims to connect people in various professions and communities to respond with positivity to sustain teams, organizations, and societies. Day 1 will be around the topic of People, day 2 about Positivity and, finally, day 3 will end with Possibility as its main focus as a way of looking ahead to more positive times.


We know how important it is for us all to meet each year and how much you appreciate the fantastic atmosphere and networking we usually provide at our conferences; we will therefore be using an event platform that will enable us to recreate the rich experience you expect.

There will be 3 hours of core participation per day at the time most suitable to all time-zones, with keynotes and plenary dialogue, as well as other wider sessions which will be optional to join and each participant can attend based on their interest and availability.


The Program Committee is looking for engaging facilitators and contributors who can share their experience and best practices by hosting sessions on topics relevant to the three main themes (People, Positivity, Possibility). If you would like to facilitate conversations and dialogue that deepen the understanding of OD principles and practices across cultures and engage participants with emerging perspectives in our field, we would love to hear from you! Sessions can vary in length up to