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Virtual keynote session at Assumption University of Thailand

We warmly invite you to attend a virtual keynote session

at Assumption University of Thailand

“Crisis: Danger & Opportunities” In every situation of danger, there are opportunities.

          Keynote Speaker

Douglas Abrams

Founder and CEO of Expara

Expara IDM Ventures, Singapore’s Leading Incubator Fund

AU Virtual International Conference 2020 ‘Entrepreneurship and Sustainability in the Digital Era’

Assumption University of Thailand October 30, 2020 The economic disruption caused by the pandemic has been terrible, but economic disruptions like this one also create unprecedented opportunities for new value creation, especially for entrepreneurs,

start-ups and small businesses.

How to attend?

  • Current students, Alumni and Invited guests  Click Registration

  • Upon completion, your request will be reviewed by our team. (The verification process takes a maximum of 3 working days)

  • Once approved, you will receive a confirmation of your participation and a join code along with a link by email.



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