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AU's Young Leadership MBA Program transforms digital mindsets to revolutionize businesses. Apply with work portfolio, CV, transcripts, and ID/passport. Build your future today.

Young Leadership MBA Program

Transform Digital Mindset to transform Business

Build the future Now


สมัครวันนี้ สำหรับนักศึกษาใหม่​สัญชาติไทย

จ่ายเพียง 395,500 บาท

Admission Requirements

  • Fill-in application form

  • Apply the management experiences on our Work Portfolio (3-5 Years of experiences)

  • Your CV Documents to present your experiences.

  • Official transcripts of the Bachelor degree.

  • Citizen identification card (photocopy) for Thai

  • Two copies of your passport for Foreigner.

Key Learning Outcomes

Intellectual Skills

  • Integrate, analyze, and evaluate new data/situation.

  • Apply Conceptual framework to analyze organization.

  • Analyze a particular industry in the digital economy.


  • Model of digital ecosystem in the business.

  • How managers understand the new market under the real world.

  • Integrated management and business practice to develop the new opportunity.

Transformable skills

  • Clearly identify criteria for transformation.

  • Network effectively and how define the right opportunities.

  • Manage and value cultural differences.

Practical skills

  • Give Professional presentation.

  • Produce creative and realistic solutions for the complex problems.

  • Develop and present a proposal to a real business idea.

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