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Impressive Journey of RS Group PCL's Business Transformation at the Educational Field Trip

3rd May 2023

A group of post-graduate students and faculty members from the Graduate School of Business and Advanced Technology Management recently embarked on an educational field trip to RS Group Public Company Limited. The visit aimed to provide an experiential learning opportunity on business transformation, and it was flawless. RS Group welcomed the group with open arms and shared their experiences that were both inspiring and dynamic. The students and faculty were treated to a firsthand account of the business transformation journey at RS Group, which began in 1976 when the company was solely focused on music recording. Today, the company has transformed into a successful enterprise with 60% of its revenue coming from entertainmerce, a mix of entertainment and commerce. The journey highlights key elements of successful business transformation, including navigating through waves of disruption and continuously adapting and learning from both successes and failures. The group had the privilege of meeting Khun Kunchanya Karuhadej, Chief People Officer, and Khun Pornpan Techarungchaikul, Chief Executive Officer of Rs LiveWell, who walked them through the RS Group transformation journey. They shared how RS Group embraced the organization's life-enriching values, including believing that everyone owns what they do, fighting for the best outcomes, learning what is essential, and winning together. Overall, the educational field trip was a resounding success. The students and faculty left with a greater understanding of business transformation and a renewed appreciation for the importance of continuous learning and adaptation in today's rapidly changing business landscape. We are grateful to the leadership team who have made this event possible.



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