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Pornchai Tatiyachaitaweesuk, CCO, i-Tail Corporation PCL shared insights on "Leading the GlobalTeam"

On 29th April 2023, Khun Pornchai Tatiyachaitaweesuk, Chief Commercial Officer of i-Tail Corporation PCL conducted an exclusive session on "Leading the Global Team" for graduate students of the Strategic Management class.

During the session, we have seen how the theoretical and practical concepts are applied in a dynamic global environment. On the strategy process, he emphasized the four components: Understanding, Setting Direction, Dividing and Balancing and Implementing and Growing. From planning to implementation, Khun Pornchai stressed the importance of using multiple thinking hats for insights, cross-validation, adaptation and balancing short-term outcomes with long-term goals.

Furthermore, he highlighted the crucial role of leadership, open communication, and culture in cross-team collaboration and alignment. These are essential for team effectiveness and business success. The session provided a great opportunity for learning, inspiration and positive energy for all participants.



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