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Temporary Class Suspension on AU Campuses

As the situation of the novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) pandemic has accelerated to a high-risk level, Assumption University deems that the temperature checking measure alone cannot be a reliable indicator of the positive COVID-19 case as evidenced in many confirmed virus contractors announced in public. After reviewing the procedures to cope with COVID-19 by monitoring the temperature of AU students, faculty members, and personnel and recording the results on AU Spark as well as the Big Cleaning practice every Saturday, the University considers that high risk is still present. These considerations together with the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation Policy urge for the teaching and learning to be online. Assumption University hereby announces a 14-day period of no classes on both campuses from March 16, 2020, onwards. All Deans/Directors/Chairpersons responsible for the teaching and learning programs are to implement the online teaching mode to assess whether every course can be conducted effectively using such platforms. Please observe the following protocols: 1. During the non-class period, students are to use online resources as arranged by the instructors and refrain from traveling to high-risk locations. 2. For non-risk groups of Thai students staying in the AU Residence Halls, they should vacate their rooms and have their classes online instead. International students who are at risk should remain isolated or self-quarantined in a certain restricted area. 3. AU personnel’s working duties on campus are to be determined by the supervisor



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