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“Travel and Hospitality sector career path in the digital age”

K. Machida Ruangsa Corporate Director of E-distribution Dusit International began first and she showed global travel trends as well as the Asia-pacific region. This way she talked about upcoming opportunities for a future travel manager. She explained the role of popular and contemporary travel brands that most of the millennial generation currently using these days. Her talk mainly covered Hotels distribution channel, Sales and Marketing, Online vs Offline, and E-commerce distribution.

The second presenter, K. Maggie Maitriborirak Senior Strategic Manager Expedia Group went deep in this whole process and stated she virtually took us to imagine travel decision making in our daily life. What inspired people to travel, how they dream destinations and how do go through the process of search, actual booking, real experience, and satisfaction thereafter. What guest do when they stay in a hotel room, activities and behavior. How do they share what they experienced post-trip feelings etc.? Her talk covered Online Travel Agents, Industry outlook - Game changer and Career Path.

The third presenter K. Hathairat Naenkwaen, Director of partnership, Onyx Hospitality Group focused on hospitality technology transformation cycle, meta-search engines, booking windows and platforms available these days. She was able to make students understand how the role of a future travel manager will change with the advent of technology-driven dynamic scenario. She cautions the student what personality skills are in demand in the digital world. Her talk covered: What it takes to enter and excel, Deep dive skill set and Real-life experience sharing.



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