Ph.D. (Organization Development)

Ph.D. (Hospitality and Tourism Management)

Ph.D. (Innovative Technology Management)

Executive Doctoral Program operated with the Business Science Institute Luxembourg

Ph.D. (Food Biotechnology)

Ph.D. (Business Administration)

Ph.D. (Computer Science)

Ph.D. (Information Technology)

Ph.D. (Educational Administration and Leadership)

Ph.D. (Counseling Psychology)

Ph.D. (Teaching Technology) and Ph.D. (Teaching, Education and Management)

Ph.D. (Philosophy and Religion)

Ph.D. (English Language Teaching)

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Office of Graduate Studies, Assumption University
Hua Mak Campus, Assumption Building (A Building) Bangkok 10240 Thailand

Tel. (662) 3004543-62 Ext.1360-61 | Fax. (662) 7191521 | E-mail: