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AU Cultural Tour

Friday 23rd September 2022. Graduate School of Business and Advanced Technology Management, led by Dr. Kittikorn Dowpiset, Associate Dean, arranged two-hours lecture and walking tour on Thai Culture for international students. The second time of the year, this session continued to enjoy stewardship and knowledge sharing by Dr. Apichart Intravisit, Chair of MBA Creative Communication and Music Business.

Discussion on principle of Thai culture, social ideology, history. Hua Mak Campus, for over 40 years of service, has showcased several artistic architectures, objects and designs which portray and impart knowledge of the “East-Meets-West” prototype, necessary for students and visitors to learn and cultivate further appreciation of the cultures.

The tour included a brief explanation of the stained glass windows in Chapel of Annunciation, depicting evolution of Catholicism in Thailand, the university’s Coat of Arms of each school, and biblical personalities. The bas-relief sand-stone tableau on Thai Heroic Monarchs through seven centuries, located by St. Louis Library, was also in the focus. The tour concluded at Pradeepalai Thai Pavilion across the Coronation Building; the pavilion indeed replicates a complete prototype of Thai traditional and classic design.

“Thai Cultural Tour aims to provide our international students with general knowledge about Thailand, as well as availing them an opportunity to bring in questions and discussions pertaining to socio-cultural issues, conducive to the students’ formation of livelihood in Thailand,” said Dr. Kittikorn Dowpiset.

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