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AU Graduate Students on a Tour of Suvarnabhumi Campus

A group of 6 AU graduate students from various countries: German, India, China and Bangladesh spent a day touring Assumption University of Thailand's Suvarnabhumi Campus on March 19, 2021. The group was accompanied by Mr. Glen Vivian Chatelier, Director, Office of International Affairs.

These AU foreign graduate students visited a number of attractive & impressive places in the grand Suvarnabhumi Campus: i.e. Sala Jaturamookpaichitr (elegant Thai style pavilion), St. Louis Marie de Montfort Church, Residence Hall, John Paul ll Sports Center, Assumption University 's Aquatic Center, AU Mall, Vincent Mary School of Engineering, Foucault's Pendulum: The Antithesis of The Geocentric Model, the Hallowed Hall of Great Thinkers, Martin de Tours School of Management and Economics, Bookstore, Hall of Fame and Library, the Cathedral of Learning etc.

The trip included the workshop familizing and reinforcing their knowledge about several notable attractions in Thailand. Prior to their return to Hua Mak Campus, these foreign students also visited the extraordinary AU Museum which houses an array of artifacts or objects of interest.



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