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A very warm welcome to 1/2022 New Graduate Students Induction Day of GS-BATM on 7 May 2022. Whilst it has been fantastic to hear our freshmen voices once again filling the corridors of AU community, we would apologize that we are unable to welcome you here in person.

The induction session was conducted by AJ. Glen V. Chatelier, Director of the Office of International Affairs and the Office of Graduate Studies support team.

The welcoming speech by the Dean of Graduate Studies, Asst. Prof. Dr. Kitti Phothikitti was shared virtually to the students;

I warmly welcome all new students to the various graduate degree programs in Trimester 1/2022. We at the Graduate School of Business and Advanced Technology Management are excited to welcome you all into our community of learning.

I encourage all of you to embrace our slogan JAIS: Joy, Active, Innovation and Success. Be successful in your Learning with us.


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